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Sean Fader


       His acupuncturist confessed that it was the most amazing chest hair she had ever seen. Women on the streets of Nairobi have offered him money for the chance to stroke his pectoral locks. A masseuse in Cambodia compared him to a gorilla as she worked across his torso. This man is Sean Fader, owner and caretaker of the #wishingpelt, and men and women across the globe are waiting in line for the chance to run their fingers through his enchanted chest hair.


       Fader’s international encounters with these early converts to the cult of his upper body hair made apparent to him the drawing power of the #wishingpelt. Over time, friends and strangers alike began to rub Fader’s pelt as a greeting and wish-fulfillment exercise. Fader became something of a roving Blarney Stone, a queer wishing well, and a well-follicled genie.
Now, Fader allows visitations to the pelt at prescribed times. Worshippers are asked to photograph their experiences and post images and comments on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #wishingpelt. An archive of these moments, a monument to the faithful who have experienced the mystery and magic of the pelt, will appear at



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