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 #wishingpelt Baby Onesies


For a limited time, you can order your very own #WISHINGPELT Baby Onesie! Want your child to have the blessing of pectoral locks without having to grow your own? Special for YOU, you can fake it, till you make it, with this limited edition tee!  You can also purchase hat's, tights, and bomber coats!


Only  $30


#wishingpelt Amulet


“Pelterrific! Hairmazing! It’s Chestacular!”


       Whether your career is at a standstill, your social life is non-existent, your bank account is nearing empty, or your wrinkles and age spots are multiplying by the second, you could use the kind of reliable wish-fulfillment that so many have come to trust.
        Rainbows, magic lamps, horseshoes, and rabbits’ feet are simply the useless trinkets of eras gone by. Let’s be frank. Genies and fairy godmothers don’t exist, and you need luck you can rely on.
That’s why the modern man and woman turns to Sean Fader’s #wishingpelt. Fader’s chest hair has been imbued with the magic of the ages. One rub of his prodigious body beard, and your problems become ancient history.
       But what do I do if I’m unable to pilgrimage to this Mecca of the pectorals, you ask? Or, what if I need more luck than one quick visit to Fader’s podium will confer? For you, there’s the #wishingpelt Amulet.
       This necklace includes a tiny capsule that enshrines a single strand of Fader’s famed fur. Wearing this necklace will provide more than enough lucky mojo to make all your dreams come true. Believe it, and buy it! It’s chestacular!

If you would like to purchase your very own lucky strand click here.          Only  $40

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